Packaging : 1 LTR METAL TINS


Hippo 4T 20W50 motorcycle oil is designed primarily for on-road, high performance, four-cycle sports bikes. It can also be used in other types of on and off-road four-cycle motorcycles that specify the use of 20W50 engine oil. The unique structure of the Hippo motorcycle oil formulations offers advantages beyond conventional motorcycle oils of similar viscosities.

Its formula guarantees maximum protection for all propeller components, placing special emphasis on the clutch and gearbox. Its efficiency is reflected in lower motor component friction, always maintaining maximum power. Results have been tested in high-level national and international competitions with standard motorcycles prepared for extreme conditions. Suitable for road and circuit.

SAE Grade : 4T SAE 20W50   API : SL JASO MA-2

Packaging : 0.8 LTR METAL TINS


Hippo Power 4T Scooter Oil is a synthetic base lube oil blended with an advanced formulation technology for extreme thermal stability both at high and low temperatures. This technology also brings about preferential friction reduction, superior engine cleanliness, and smoother clutch performance, leading to better ride comfort. Synthetic oil resists viscosity changes at extremely high temperatures unlike conventional oil, which can break down or evaporate at such temperatures, causing damage to the engine. Synthetic oil is slicker than conventional oil and therefore, enables smoother, cooler engine operation resulting in better power and better fuel economy.

SAE Grade : : 4T SAE 10W-30 API: SN

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